Evaluate the mutagenicity risk of your compounds saving money, time, and resources

“as easy as it seems to be”
Input your MOLECULES

ProtoICH accepts multiple input formats. The platform will validate your molecular structures.

Apply your MODELS

ProtoICH will perform QSAR (statistical) and expert rule-based estimation.

Obtain your RESULTS

Your results will be available very quickly. You will
be able to download the full results and obtain a
customized QPRF and expert rule-based reports.


Predictions in a few seconds/minutes, even for large sets of molecules


You can use different input formats (xls(x), .csv, .txt, .cas, .smi, .mol and .sdf)


Does not require a specific or technical knowledge to be used

Regulatory validity

All models follow the OECD guidelines and are provided in the standard QSAR Model Reporting Format (QMRF), therefore guaranteeing their regulatory validity


Save time and money with the highest level computational models in the market



You can predict all types of properties of chemical compounds, thanks to our validated,  cutting-edge proprietary QSAR models.

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